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What is Jodo?

   Jodo is the Japanese martial art of stick fighting to defend primarily against a sword attack. 
( Do not confuse with Judo)


Jodo practice

    The Jo is a versatile weapon, with both ends and all sides capable of being used offensively and defencively. When wielded properly a Jo can be used to parry, redirect, strike, throw, unbalance, lock, sweep and spear an attacker. Jodo originated in feudal Japan as a means of self-defence against an attacker or attackers wielding a sword. Jodo is practiced with and without a partner, who is armed with a bokken (wooden sword) in practice. Subsequently, practitioners of Jodo gain technical knowledge in both Jo and Japanese swordsmanship. In the past, Jo were often carried by Monks and travelers as their primary defensive weapon also served as their walking stick. the Japanese Police still utilise Jo training as part of their curriculum and in riot control.



Jodo as self-defense

  Jodo is a martial art you can practice for the rest of your life and mastery presents continual and rewarding challenges. If you seek a greater depth to your martial arts study, and a desire to learn how to use a stick, the most readily available defensive device, then Jodo may be the art for you. 


The benefits of Jodo

   There are many physical and mental benefits associated with Jodo training including, fitness, improved posture, greater coordination, focus, awareness, muscular conditioning, and general personal development.

Monday 7:30pm
Saturday 12:00pm

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