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MAY 20, 2017
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM - Seminar
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Belt Test

Grading System


  From the very first moment that a student enters the dojo their training will constantly be monitored by instructor Jonas Filho.


  Within the modern Shotokan karate system each student's progress is measured strictly on their ability to retain, and constantly improve upon, the quality of their basic techniques and katas. Once a student reaches a specific level of performance their instructor will afford them the opportunity to try for promotion by taking part in a grading.


  Upon successfully passing their grading a student is awarded a new "kyu" or "rank" which will redefine their specific place within their dojo society. Visually this is represented by the colour of the belt that each student wears when ever they are in the dojo. It would be fair to say that a qualified student should be able, with an appropriate letter of introduction, to enter into any Shotokan dojo in the world and feel comfortable amongst students of a similar rank.

Under 10 Years Old

  Due the lack of coordination, concentration and maturity, kids under 10 years old use a different rank system. It's called Discipline Grading System, which is focused on improvement of behavior ( school, home and dojo) and focusing.


   It is important to the parents understand that this ranks is not related to skills and knowledge inside the art. This ranks does not have KYU value.


  Once the kid reaches the requirements to change the KYU, they will change for yellow belt (9th Kyu)

White Belt
White Belt with Yellow Stripe
White Belt with Red Stripe
White Belt with Orange Stripe
White Belt with Green Stripe
White Belt with Blue Stripe

KYU & DAN System

  In Karate, kyū-level practitioners hold the ranks below dan or black belt. The kyū ranking system varies from school to school. In some arts, all the kyū-level practitioners wear white belts while in others different coloured belts, tags or stripes are used.
  Dan System is only for black Belt holders.

White Belt - 10th Kyu
Yellow Belt - 9th Kyu
Red Belt - 8th Kyu
Orange Belt - 7th Kyu
Green Belt - 6th Kyu
Blue Belt - 5th Kyu
Purple Belt - 4th Kyu
Brown Belt - 3rd Kyu
Brown Belt - 2nd Kyu
Brown Belt - 1st Kyu
Black Belt - 1st Dan Until 10th Dan
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